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Support in tough times

No one ever drops in on a therapist to have a chat. They are usually suffering, perplexed or troubled. Life is not going their way and they'd like some help and support.

Qualified and Accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, I'm recognised as an experienced professional for adults, young people (15+) and couples.


Prior to my therapy career, I was a family and mental health solicitor. Advising people going through the worst of times, I've dealt with far more than your average counsellor. These unique insights mean I won't judge you and nothing can unseat or shock me.

With my background as a partner in my own law firm, clients in business have found my experience and knowledge of the demands of corporate pressures and self-employment especially useful. Find out more about me here.


Break ups, breakdowns, betrayal, separation or divorce, identity issues, middle life and retirement, or any major life crisis. I can guide you through these tough times with wise, client-led therapy to re-establish your confidence and sense of well-being.

Whether you feel anxious, depressed, overwhelmed or full of self doubt - even at rock bottom - I will help you find new ways of looking at your life, feel better about yourself and your situation and put aside any shame, blame, guilt or fears you have. 


Working with me, you will become aware of your needs, learn new, effective tools of coping and connecting, improve your communication, build motivation and self-esteem, learn about setting boundaries and find new ways to nourish yourself and enrich your relationships with yourself and others.

Feel free to send me an email via my contact page to help you decide if therapy or coaching is for you.

Free Initial Appointment

I know it takes a lot of courage to make that first contact. Email me and I can usually offer an introductory 20 minute telephone call or appointment by Zoom within 7 days.


This first meeting is free and gives you the opportunity to decide if you think I'm the right therapist for you or your young person because, however great my credentials, finding a counsellor who suits you and who you feel you can trust will make a huge difference to your comfort levels and the likelihood of successful outcomes.

​I work with a range of issues especially:​

Divorce Coaching

As qualified solicitor, now retired, I am confident and comfortable guiding you through a separation or divorce and navigating how to manage your ex-partner and any issues relating to children.

Neurodivergency Coaching

Proudly neurodivergent myself, I believe therapy for neurodivergent folk needs to be empowering and strengths-based. If you are considering or waiting for an autism, ADHD or other ND assessment and would like to explore this with me, I can provide a neuro-affirming space for that inquiry. 

I primarily work with late in life diagnosed or identifying autistic and ADHD adults, neurodivergent girls and women across the lifespan, parents of neurodivergent children who may be questioning their own neurology


At its core, neurodivergency is about having a different kind of nervous system. There's nothing inherently wrong with that or you. I can help you navigate coping with the mismatch between your nervous system and a modern world that is not designed for you and thus enrich your quality of life.

Fearless Counselling in Cardigan | Rozanna Niazi

- Rozanna

Children and Young Adults

I'm a mother of three teenagers, so I know how challenging and messy it is to raise kids. You’d be amazed how your young person will communicate with me when they won’t talk to you!

Interventions with children are usually short term and early intervention at this formative stage can be transformative.

Walk & Talk and Outdoor Therapy

I also offer Walk & Talk or outdoor therapy subject to assessment that this form of therapy is suitable for you.

My Approach

I'm not a proponent of the medical approach to mental health. I believe humans tend to develop coping strategies which some professionals call 'symptoms'. I aim to work with you holistically to help you feel less overwhelmed, calmer and more connected with whatever is important to you and replace unhelpful coping strategies with supportive ways of reacting or behaving.

Whatever is causing your inner distress, no matter who you are or what challenges you're facing, you don't need to face them alone.

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