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Divorce & Relationship Coaching

Taking care of you emotionally and practically, I focus on minimising the emotional and financial cost for you and your family.

Family law issues take their toll emotionally. You may have various concerns: You may be worried about having enough money to meet your bills in the short term; You may be worried about your longer-term financial needs, including retirement; You may be anxious about where you and your children will live, or whether you have to sell your home and, if you do, how you will afford to meet your future housing needs; You may feel, with some force, that you have earned the money or a pension and it should be yours to keep; You may find the idea of budgeting or managing money difficult if that wasn’t your responsibility in your relationship; You may experience feelings of resentment that money you may have inherited is being questioned or taken into account by your partner or spouse; You may feel that your voice will not be heard in any negotiations because your partner has a strong personality; You may be experiencing low esteem over the breakdown of your relationship or feel consumed with anger at your ex-partner.

If you're hoping your marriage can improve and that you don't end up on the road to divorce.

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