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Knowing our limits

My children are at home today because they're unwell - on the one day I set aside to have some uninterrupted time to catch up from the overwhelm... This pandemic has created lots of overwhelm.

I was berating myself for leaving them at home with their dad. Feeling guilty. They looked so sad. I felt I'd failed as a parent.

And I know I've reached the limits of my energy, almost run out of capacity, and needed to set a boundary. Sitting here in the café, doing some work, I reminded myself how much I give as a parent, partner, daughter and I'm feeling better as I sip my coffee.

I'll return to them recharged: with more patience, calm and able to give again.

How are you managing today? Are you being selfless or are you able to set healthy boundaries?

If you're struggling, you are not alone in that. This counsellor is struggling, too. Cut yourself some slack, take a break from the grind, have a cuppa.

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